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Other Figurines

PNF Figurine's range of quality figurines also include the following theme areas:

Civil Services

POLAIR1 : Police Air Crew

American Civil War

USA1 : General Grant
USA2 : Chaplain, 14th Connecticut Regiment 1863
USA3 : General of Cavalry
USA4 : Corporal, Cavalry, with Company Guidon
USA5 : Private, 22nd New York Militia
USA6 : General Lee
USA7 : General of Cavalry (C.S.A.)
USA8 : Private, Infantry, with Battle Flag (C.S.A.)
USA9 : Cadet, Virginia Military Institute (C.S.A.)

The Crusades

CRU1 : Hochmeister, Teutonic Order 1219
CRU2 : Knights Hospitaler 1200
CRU3 : Pilgrim 12-14th Century
UKK1 : Guy, Lord Bryan 1330 AD
UKK2 : Sir Hugh Calveley 1393 AD

Anglo Scottish Wars

UKK3 : Oliver D'ingham 14th century
UKK4 : Long Bowman Firing
UKK5 : Long Bowman Standing
UKK6 : Long Bowman Sword fighting
UKK7 : Cross Bowman Kneeling
UKK8 : Foot Soldier with Axe
UKK9 : Herald 1st Half 16th Century

Ancient Warriors

AW1 : Lakedaimonian 413 BC
AW2 : Greek Mercenary 350 BC
AW3 : Maiden Guard 2nd Century AD
AW4 : Persian Applebearer 4th Century BC
AW5a : Celtic Swordsman 60 BC (Square Shield)
AW5b : Celtic Swordsman 60 BC (Oval Shield)

Australian Heritage

HER1 : Goldpanner Ballarat (1800's)


BIB1 : Moses, with 10 commandments
BIB2 : Joseph & Mary on Donkey (3 Figure Set)
BIB3 : Chief Priest (Hebrew)


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