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Army Figurines

PNF Figurine's range of Army figures include around 70 quality figurines, in 14 different categories.

Category: Colonial Forces

CF1 : 1st NSW Rifles Volunteers Officer 1851

Category: Australian Infantry

AIF1 : WWII New Guinea Private (.303)
AIF10 : Wounded Private and Mate, New Guinea (2 figure set)
AIF11 : WWI Somme Private Marching (.303)
AIF12 : WWI Gallipoli Private Charging (.303)
AIF13 : WWI Gallipoli Officer Advancing (Pistol)
AIF14 : WWI Gallipoli Pvt Trail Arms in cap (.303)
AIF15 : WWI Gallipoli Pvt Trail Arms in Slouch Hat (.303)
AIF16 : WWI Gallipoli Pvt Adv High Port Arms in cap (.303)
AIF17 : WWI Gallipoli Pvt Adv HighPortArms Slouch (.303)
AIF18 : WWI Gallipoli Pvt Stand HighPortArms in cap (.303)
AIF19 : WWI Gallipoli Pvt Stand HighPortArms Slouch (.303)
AIF2 : WWII Infantryman Desert Rat
AIF3 : WWII Homecoming Desert Rat
AIF4 : WWII New Guinea Private (Owen)
AIF5 : WWI Gallipoli Private (.303)
AIF6 : WWI Somme Private (Lewis Gun)
AIF7 : WWI Somme Private (.303)
AIF8 : WWI Nurse
AIF9 : Fuzzy Wuzzy and Corporal New Guinea (2 figure set)

Category: The ANZACS

ANZ1 : Simpson and his Donkey (3 Figure Set)
ANZ2 : WWI New Zealand Infantry Gallipoli

Category: The Lighthorseman

LH1 : Lighthorse Officer
LH2 : Lighthorseman, advancing
LH3 : Lighthorseman, Heliograph
LH4 : Sir Harry Chauvel
MLH1 : Mounted Officer on the charge, jumping over trench
MLH2 : Mounted Sergeant on the charge, jumping over trench
MLH3 : Wounded Trooper on the charge, jumping over trench
MLH4 : Trooper on the charge, jumping over trench
MLH5 : Trooper on the charge, swinging bayonett, jumping over trench
MLH6 : Mounted Stretcher Bearer, jumping over trench
MLH7 : Mounted Officer on the charge

Category: Camel Corps

CC1 : Mounted Sergeant, Australian Camel Corps

Category: British Army

BA1 : WWI Artillery Officer Palestine

Category: Elite Forces

ELI1 : British Paratrooper Officer (Arnhem 1944)
ELI2 : SAS - Section Leader (Afghanistan, Current)
ELI3 : SAS - Section Leader (Iraq, Current)

Category: Vietnam

AIFNAM1 : Forward Scout
AIFNAM10 : Rifleman advancing looking left
AIFNAM2 : 2nd Scout
AIFNAM3 : Company Commander
AIFNAM4 : Vietnam Radio Operator
AIFNAM5 : Vietnam Soldier carrying M60 standing
AIFNAM6 : 2IC M60 Standing
AIFNAM7 : No 2 on M60 Standing
AIFNAM8 : Rifleman advancing looking right
AIFNAM9 : Rifleman advancing looking straight

Category: Royal Australian Artillery (RAA)

RAA1 : Kings Colours 'A' Battery (Marching)
RAA2 : Sgt. 'A' Battery (Marching)
RAA3 : Warrant Officer (Marching)
RAA4 : Royal Australian Artillery Colours (Marching)
RAA5 : Sgt. Artillery (Marching)

Category: Adversaries include German & Turks

GER1 : WWI German Officer, Palestine
TUR1 : WWI Johnny Turk advancing
TUR2 : WWI Atta Turk
TUR3 : WWI Turkish Cavalry Officer
TUR4 : WWI Imam Turkish Regimental Chaplain
TUR5 : WWI Turkish Officer Standing
TUR6 : WWI Turkish Soldier Advancing

Category: The Coldstream Guards

COL1 : Officer Sword Drawn
COL10 : Colour Sergeant Present Arms (SLR)
COL2 : Officer Honour Salute
COL3 : Rating Present Arms (.303)
COL4 : Rating Present Arms (SLR)
COL5 : Corporal Present Arms (.303)
COL6 : Corporal Present Arms (SLR)
COL7 : Sergeant Present Arms (.303)
COL8 : Sergeant Present Arms (SLR)
COL9 : Colour Sergeant Present Arms (.303)

Category: The Irish Guards

IRI1 : Officer Sword Drawn
IRI10 : Colour Sergeant Present Arms (SLR)
IRI2 : Officer Honour Salute
IRI3 : Rating Present Arms (.303)
IRI4 : Rating Present Arms (SLR)
IRI5 : Corporal Present Arms (.303)
IRI6 : Corporal Present Arms (SLR)
IRI7 : Sergeant Present Arms (.303)
IRI8 : Sergeant Present Arms (SLR)
IRI9 : Colour Sergeant Present Arms (.303)

Category: The Grenadiers

GRE4 : Rating Marching (SLR)

Category: Welsh Guards

WEL4 : Rating Marching (SLR)


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